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    April 18, 2013
    12:00 - 1:00pm PDT  

>> a lot going on here in the coming hours. thanks for matching. "studio b" starts now. >> breaking news here in boston at this hour. the fbi announcing it will update us at 5:00 eastern time. two hours from now, about the investigation into the attacks here on monday afternoon. this will be the first public briefing we have seen in two days. law enforcement telling fox news the fbi is talking about whether or not to release images from the scene showing one or two or possibly more than two people -- they say they'd like to talk to about the bombing. the feds have not yet named any official suspects. there's a source saying investigators are examining new lead from social media,
collecting more than 30,000 messages sent within a one-mile radius of the crime scene the days before and after the twin bombings. on capitol hill it's been busy. homeland security secretary janet napolitano confirming the fbi still needs and encourages happen from -- help from the public. >> there's video that raises the question of those the fbi would like to speak with. i wouldn't characterize them as suspects. this is not an ncif episode. times you have to take time to properly put the chain together to identify the perpetrators. >> that was a long hearing on the will. katherine harris watched a lot of it live. good afternoon. what else are we hearing from officials on the hill? >> the fbi says they believe the threat is contained in boston.
the homeland security secretary saying extra precautions are in play. >> we're implementing security measures both seen and unseen at airports, transit hubs, within the maritime environment. the coast guard is providing security on the ferries in the boston area. viper teams are doing surges in terms of ground transportation and the like. >> the head of the house homeland security committee saying the fbi has a serial number from the pressure cooker that is one of the explosive devices and there are trace chemicals in the powder he says can be traced by investigators to a manufacturer. the same applies to the ball bearings. on the hill a short time ago the attorney general sag no resource is being spared in the investigation. >> i want to assure you, the citizens of boston and all americans, we're working tirelessly to determine who was responsible for this incident.
to the -- i have directed the full resources of the department be deployed to make sure this matter was thundershowerly investigated to prevent any future attacks occurring. >> we are hearing about this press conference, katherine, from the fbi. it will be, if it happens, the first in 48 hours two full days. what are we to make of that? >> i'd say there are probably three key points. what that tells me from my experience, the situation in boston is extremely fluid. number two, when you release images that's a tough decision because right frow you have an investigation that's really maxed out, working at full tilt, and when you release images imad ask the public for help, you're going to flood the system with thousands of tips. so you can take the investigative machine and almost
grinding it to a halt so it can actual he work against you. the other think that comes to mind is when you release images, of people that you want to talk to. that can have the effect if they have some association with boston or a problem in the united states with their immigration status, itself can cause them to move and to flee. and that is what we saw in the times square bombing, attempted bombing in 2010. assad was caught as he was trying to flee the area. >> katherine you have talked to a lot of people today. are you getting indication there could be some sort of image put out at 5:00? or is that something that is still 50/50? >> i don't want to speculate on that. i think putting up an image is a very tough call for the people in the investigate. >> we mentioned the social media lead. tells more about how that fits into this investigation. >> well, an investigative source told fox news there was a very
significant social media footprint at the time of the attack. they have gone in and put a radius, mile lady, around the attack site and they essentially sucked up all the social media messages from 24 hours before until 24 hours after. they take all of that data and do link analysis, which shows the relationship between message that are deemed to have investigative value. when we asked about that, they said things that seemed anomalous, out of place, and also messages that seemed to have some kind of coding element to it. we're also told by the investigative source that this social media is also provide something prom missing leads for the fbi. so you have the video, the still ims and the social media as well. >> thank you. two hours and waiting. we'll hold hereafter fast and true in boston until then. catherine in washington. in the meanwhile, another significant story yesterday.
the rescue crews in texas frantically searching for the possibility of a sign of life after this enormous industrial explosion that was so strong, it blew people off their feet, completely destroyed more than four square blocks, and registered with a force of a small earthquake. [explosion] >> wow. it is just stunning to her and to watch that. happened after a fire at a fertilizer plant 70 miles south of dallas. as many as 15 or feared dead, and among them, several haven't firefighters who responsibled to the scene an hour earlier. 160 injuries reported so far, and the dozens of homes and businesses damaged or destroyed with images like those. including a 50-unit apartment complex, a middle school and a nursing home. in many case all that's left there now is a smoldering ruin.
rescuers report finding people trapped in their homes, under sheet rock. elderly folks knocked out of their wheelchairs, and children with broken bones, covered in blood. >> there was a woman holding two babies, and they were soaked in blood. one of them was just -- one of the babies looked like it wasn't responding, and it is just horrible to see something like that. >> the cause of that explosion still not clear but appear the plant was cited in 2006 after nearby residents complained of strong ammonia fumes. we do not know if that is related this time around. casey stiegel, live in the town of west texas. casey has been on the story from the beginning. still being classified as a search and rescue mission. can they find life at this point? reporter: yeah, bill, it is possible, and even though it has been 18 hours since the blast,
we're told by officials here right on the ground that the number one priority remains finding life. right now as we speak, k-9 units being brought from around the country to help sift through the mountains of rubble in this blast zone. four haven't firefighters remain unaccounted for at this hour. when the frantic calls to 9-1-1 began pouring in, it was all hands on deck. emergency crews from all over the states converged on this spot. listen to the chilling radio traffic. >> radio: a bomb just went off inside here. it's pretty bad. firefighters down. >> radio: firefighters down. any explosion. there
>> at one point there was simply not enough ambulances to transport the wounded so some of the cops had to load victims up in their squad cars and drive them to area hospitals. >> remarkable to watch this break last night, and see the fallout today that continues. federal investigators on their way. where do they start? snrsh. >> well, they're trained in this, two different agencies, people with atf, and explosives are on their way here. they'll be the lead agency, a special division of the atf, the national response team. and then you have folks with the chemical safety board, a federal group tasked with looking into chemical industrial accidents. they're obviously trained in this. the atf response team has been on the oklahoma city bombings,
world trade center bombings, they know what they're doing. it's an arduous task as you can imagine, bill. >> indeed. we can only imagine at this point. thank you, casey. live in west texas. of course, folks who live there and live close to the plant, they're not allowed near their homes or at least what remains of their homes. the authorities say it's too dangerous because there could be even more explosions. many of the structures are too badly damaged to go inside. the shock wave blew out windows, in some cases hundreds of yards from the epicenter. in fact there were report office people hearing the blast 50 miles away. soak that in for a moment. that's 50 miles away. nearly an hour drove. with is it tina carlisle who lives two blocks from the plant and says the blast blew her off her feet. wow, what story you have to tell. you were outside at the time. what did you feel and see? >> well, i got home from work,
and i was in the house, cooking, and my neighbor had called, and asked me if i had noticed the smoke outside, and i said, no. and she said, well, there's a fire somewhere. so we went outside, and i met them, and the smoke was just galore. the flames were shooting sky high over over the trees, and the next thing we knew, the -- there was yellow smoke, and my neighbor indicated that was the fertilizer and there was going to be an explosion, and shortly there was the explosion. it knocked me to the ground. i got up, and i crawled to the house. my neighbor0s house, and got on their north wall. i was hiding under their eve of their -- under the eave of their house because of the debris was flying around, and scared to
death actually. >> say the last part again? i'm sorry? >> i didn't hear him. >> tina, if you're still with me, you were describing this feeling of getting knocked off your feet. i can only imagine standing in the back yard of our own home, watching this explosion in a distance. did your house survive? >> well, no, sir, my house did not survive. the inside is a total loss. i'm thankful to be alive. i was in the house at first, and if i would have stayed in the house and not got out of the house, my neighbor called, the windows in the house had blown inward and i probably would have been dead by now. >> oh, my gosh. you live two blocks from the plant. did you ever even consider the possibility of an accident inside there? >> i have never thought about an accident happening there. it never crossed my mind.
>> tina, did you smell the ammonia that was so prevalent in the air? >> i'm sorry? >> all right. no problem. tina, i want to thank you for being with us today. there's a bit of a communication gap. i'm in boston, you're in west texas, but i want to thank you for your time today and my best to you and your family and we're so sorry you lost your home but you have your life and that is so comforting to hear and talk to you today. thank you, tina. >> thank you. >> more from boston in a moment here. we're awaiting a news conference from fbi. and a look at president obama's address to the mourners today. more from what turned tout 0 be an energetic ceremony? boston, and we'll take a look at the giant explosion in texas. the plant where it happened has
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president obama message today to the bombing victims and their families: we might get knocked down but we will finish the race. the president has here speaking at the cathedral in boston. he and the first lady joint thousands of people, many waiting for hours for a seat in the cathedral only blocks from where the bombing happened. among those in attendance, the former massachusetts governor and president obama's rival, mitt romney. family members of some of the attack victims. many of whom cried silently as the president pledged the country's support. >> as you begin this long journey of recovery you city is with you, your commonwealth is with you, your country is with you. we will all be with you also you learn to stand and walk and,
yes, run again, of that i have no doubt, you will run again. [applause] >> just after he return to his seat the president could be seen wiping a tear from his eyes and rick was outside the cathedral today and is back with us now less than a mile from our location on boylston street. what else did the president have to say in his message? reporter: he said boston's beauty was shattered, that a celebration turned to tragedy which we all came to find out. very tight security this morning, and some of the people who lined up before dawn didn't make it inside because there wasn't room inside the cathedral which holds 2,000 people. the president also said that what happened here in boston affects all of america. that millions of americans have a little bit of boston in them. that everyone is touched by the attacks here and that everyone stands with about because it's our city, too.
>> when 0 bostonnans carried victims in their arms, delivered water and blankets, line up to give blood, open their homes, to total strangers, give. the rides back to reunite with their families, that's love. that's the message we send to those who carried this out and anyone who would do harm to our people. yes, we will find you. and, yes, you will face justice. >> before the service the president met with family members of krystle campbell, who is one of the three two died. >> what a meeting that must have been. so difficult with the family members. what about the wounded? they were in attendance there did they meet the president? >> yes there was some of that
happening inside the cathedral, and right after the service, he went across the street to a high school gymnasium and met with some first responders and then left in the motorcade and went to boston mass hospital which is still carrying for 11 patients from the attacks. one of several hospitals still carrying for the wounded. five patients are serious, six in fair condition, four lost limbs. that visit by the president at that hospital was closed to the press, but we can only imagine the meeting that carried to the people who were inside. >> when you hear the doctors talking about caring for the wounded, it rips your heart out. rick, thank you. we're learning more about the man accused of sending poisoned letters to the president and a u.s. senator, his ex-wife saying he is a good guy. but as she put it, something went wrong. the latest on the investigation that charges that he is now facing in a moment as we continue here on "studio b."
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the man accused in the dc ricin scare believe he uncovered a bizarre conspiracy, secret plot to sell human body parts on the black market. that's the word from another suspect who cops busted in mississippi. his name is paul kevin kurt tis, and the feds say he sent a letter with the his sign to president obama and another letter to the republican senator from mississippi, roger wicker. the mail set off alarms at a screening facility. never came close to the white house or capitol hill. but a season source is telling fox news the substance in the letters is absolutely, unequivocally, ricin. police and neighbors describing
the guy as a paranoid loner who thought the government was out to get him, trying to ruin his reputation. as for the body part conspiracy there was word he was deeply disturbed from his time working in a hospital. both letters saying, quote to see a wrong and not disclose is it is to become a partner to its continuance. it ended, i am kc and i approve this message. john roberts is live in mississippi. what can we say about this now today, john? >> we're learning all kinds of things about this fella and the possibility as well learned in court, overhearing conversation between the u.s. attorney and the judge there may be -- not confirmed -- a fourth letter out there some one. kevin kurtis had the appears, official charges, threatening the life of the president. we overheard him say to his attorney, would never be involved in that. those charges, by the way, carry a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison and a half million
dollar fine. what about the idea he was an elvis impersonator and trafficking in body parts? we do know he was a musician, and a decade ago senator wicker hired him for a party for a couple that was getting married. as for the body parts, that's something he has been crying to get senator wicker's attention as well. he claims in 1999, when doing work at a medical center, he uncovered a black market conspiracy to traffic in body parts. he sent many letters to wicker and other senators, but none would listen so this could well be an attempt to up the ante because the letters says, quote, maybe i have your attention now, even if someone has to die, bill. >> wow, john, what do they say about his mental state? what can we report on that? >> i talked to a couple of people earlier today who know
him well. one, an attorney who represented him in a couple of court proceedings, who says clearly he has some mental issues, and needs to be treated, saying also that the mentally ill in this country typically are not treated properly. i also talked to a newspaper writer who had written some stories about kurtis, more than a decade another. thought he was an impressive individual at the beginning but clearly he says, after he was barred from the campus of the northern mississippi medical center, he quickly became, quote, unraveled. manytime the fbi still at kurtis' house looking for more evidence. looking for the source of ricin that got into those letters, writ may have came from, hough it was prepared, taking all appropriate cautions because, as we know, ricin is an extraordinarily deadly poison. >> indeed it is. thank you, john roberts, reporting in oxford, mississippi. i want to bring in greg jarrett.
good afternoon to you. how serious could these criminal charges be? >> incredibly sear you bill, because threatening the president is a separate and unique crime, as john points out, up to 15 years. then you have to factor in additional charges if letters were sent to other government officials, both state and local. so, penalties upon conviction could run consecutive, not concurrent. there could be attempted murder charges brought, but i think that's remote, and finally, terrorism or bioterrorrism, the unlawful use of force or violence to intimidate the government or to instill fear in the general population. so, you could have a whole panoply of charges and penalties here. >> wow. does it matter because this was report through mike emanuel -- it was low-grade ricin in does it matter which level it was? whether it could have killed or could not have killed? >> it would because the defense would argue, in indication to
the intent to kill you have to have the ability to commit murder. but if intent to kill is proven and he used a dangerous instrumentality, then he could be found guilty of something like attempted murder. and as john pointed out, a companying the ricin allegedly were the words, maybe i have your attention now, even if that means someone must die. so die is part of the proof here. >> you heard that last question about his mental state. what about a mental illness defense in a case like this? >> online posts indicate he thought he had uncovered this grand conspiracy and that the government was targeting him. sounds like paranoia or paranoid schizophrenia. the judge will certainly have him evaluated by experts to determine, one, whether he is competent to stand trial. number two if he is, what about insanity. the defense could invoke that?
did he suffer from a mental disease so severe he didn't know right from work, but that works almost never. less than 1% of the cases insanity prevails, so that's a long shot. all right, greg, thank you, good to be with you. greg jarrett from the studios in new york. that is one of our big stories today. the other two big stories. back on that in a moment here in boston. also, that huge blast at a fertilizer plant in the town of west texas, population 2,000. the state officials checked the plant less than a decade ago. we're awaiting the fbi to give a briefing at 5:00 p.m. eastern time as we get more context and perspective from a former fbi investigator about what he believes is hot on the trail at the moment that's coming up here in "studio b." [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy,
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the explosion in texas was a, quote, nightmare scenario. that from the texas governor rick perry, who said president obama offered to declare the county a federal disaster area, and what a disaster it is there. as many as 15 may be dead. more than 160 injured when the plant suddenly exploded last night. >> the blast destroyed parts of a nearby neighborhood and the search for survivors continues, but the cause is not clear.
but the fertilizer plant said to have a history of complaints going back to at least 2006, including folks calling in saying they smelled ammonia fumes. jonathan hunt is live. what do we know about the safety record? >> this is the compliance history report. at it put out by the texas commission on environmental quality, and this report lists five investigations carried out in 2006 and 2007, but only one actual violation, and according to officials with the texas commission on environmental quality, that one violation was only considered a minor one. listen. >> there was a violation in 2006. there was an odor complaint. we had an investigation. we resolved the complaint with having the company come in and get authorized for permit.
i think the permit was the resolution. >> so bottom line, bill, it appears there was actually very little to suggest any prior problems with this particular fertilizer plant that could possibly have led to last night's extraordinarily tragic events. >> which leads to more questions, and it's not clear how this happened. what are the experts saying about how an explosion like this could possibly take place? >> i spoke to a hazardous materials expert earlier today, bill, and what he told me is, from what he can see -- obviously he is not on the ground, not a part of the official investigation, but from what he has studied and been able to see from this, the explosion itself was most likely a result of the tanks simply overheating. listen. >> the fire got out of control, and the heat from the fire overheat the tanks and the tanks
detonated. so, time will tell when you do the actual investigation, but one of the scenarios may come out to by they didn't have enough firefighting equipment there enough hands on, and enough pumper tanks and enough water to adequately fight the fire. >> so if the fire caused the explosion, the questions becomes, what caused the fire? i spoke to a source at the atf on the way to the scene. he told me, bill, it is simply too early to say whether that fire was caused by a criminal act or an accident and, frankly, investigators will not be able to get on the scene itself, the actual site, senator -- for some time because it's going to remain too hot to investigate. >> what a scene it is, and to see those images throughout the day today, it's stunning. jonathan hunt, thank you. see you later tonight.
breaking news now on "studio b," continuing coverage of the attacks near boston. the fbi will update us now in 90 minutes. 5:00 eastern time, for the first press conference they have held in two days. we're hearing from investigators that they're taking a very close look at the images from the site of one blast. we still do not know if they'll release pictures of people the feds want to talk to. the pictures could prove very important in this investigation. >> bill, despite all the images on the internet, the investigators say we haven't necessarily seen the ones that matter. that's a discussion among federal investigators whether those should be released to the public or when they will be released to the public. according to one fbi source there was a clear image of one individual placing an object at the scene of one of the bomb blasts, clear enough the fbi source was able to describe to fox news the individual as very
young, and white. now, there are other individuals captured on camera. secretary napolitano was reluctant to use the word suspect, only saying these are individual with whom federal investigators want to speak. >> the investigation is proceeding apace, and it just -- this is not an ncif episode. sometimes you have to take time to properly put the chain together, to identify the perpetrators, but everyone is committed to seeing that gets done in the right way. >> now, the crime scene here still very active. boylston steroid is blocked off on both ends around the crime scene. you can see the investigators in the white suit, still sifting through the physical debris or evidence on the scene, and sadly, at eitherend the street is blocked off, a site that is too familiar, the makeshift memorial growing, the teddy
bears. notes to those who are deceased, the promises to move on. >> let's not forget the victims, and a number of people still recovering in the hospital, and may be for some time. what their doctors saying? >> i would have to say the news out of the hospital guess news. the number of people in the hospital is going down as patients are being ditch charged. the number of people in critical care is going down as points continue -- patients continue to get better. no prediction or patients back-sliding or further amputations. >> thank you, mike. with me now, former fbi assistant special agent in charge of the new york joint terrorism task force don burly. you said a number of things today. i want to go through them. you say there are obviously getting close. based on what do you say that? >> i believe. so we have heard lat -- lot of
reports, particularly somebody places a bag in a location where the bomb went off. so this is a good thing to have visual evidence of what the person may look like. and depending on what they say today, there may be additional information that comes out that will be put out to the public to let everybody know exactly where the investigation stands. and that's not the only lead they're working on. remember, there's other physical evidence that has been collected. there's remnants of the explosive which potentially contains fingerprints or dna. there's financial records, telephone records, tips from the public. so, photographs aren't the only lead. that's one important avenue but there's many avenues being pursued. >> it's been two days since the fbi has gone become, and only been two days, and in a story like this two days is sometimes a very long time, and you can
applaud the fbi in one sense because of the amount of discipline they have shown. but how do you stay quiet? and still keep the public assured? >> well, think that's what today's press conference will be about. yesterday was very confusing day, watching conflicting reports of arrests and not arrests. so i think today they're going to -- they will want to set the record straight and say exactly what is fact and versus what is rumor, and also then give a status update of the investigation to assure the public that there is progress being made. the people do need to be patient as the secretary said in your previous clip, it's not an episode of csi. it's a methodical process by which they investigate the case. >> one more question here. i have 20 seconds for an answer you. say the fact a photo has not been made public is encouraging. why? >> i think right now -- usually when a photo is made public, that means that you're calling
out to everybody for -- the force multiplier of the general public to help identify the person. so that may be done at some point, but it tells me there's other leads being pursued and that's usually the last one -- one of the last leads that are pursued. >> don, thank you. appreciate your insight. we'll await the briefing and see what comes to pass here at 5:00 eastern time in a moment here, it wasn't the aryan brotherhood or a mexican drug cartel. police say a middle aged husband and wife team are responsible for the murder of two prosecutors and a third person. the latest on what we're learning about those charges in a moment as we continue here on "studio b." ♪
[ female announcer ] from more efficient payments. ♪ to more efficient pick-ups. ♪ wireless is limitless. ♪ from tracking the bus. ♪ to tracking field conditions. ♪ wireless is limitless. >> all the other big news has you're shadowed the murders murf two lawmen in the state of texas in the last hour one man charge
with murder, former justice of the peace and an ex-police officer. investigators say he killed a district attorney, his wife, and a deputy d.a. police say all part of a plot for revenge, and yesterday cops say the wife of the former justice of the peace confessed to her role in the murders. turns out the two murdered lawmen are the same guys who prosecuted the ex-cop and public official for stealing computers. trace gallagher puts all this together live in our west coast newsroom. and, trace, the wife says, she drove the getaway car. huh? >> yeah, bill, according to the affidavit, kill williams said the drove the car to the first murder scene and was a passenger in the second car, but her husband was in auction gunman in both killings and gave police details about that crime that had not been released to the public. the alleged getaway car which looked like an unmarked police car, and 20 weapons were found
inside this storage shed last weekend. the contents of the shed have been been confirmed to belong to the williams'. both charged with murder. she held on $10 million bombed. -- bond, and he $23 million bond. >> what about the grudge. >> eric williams was a high profile attorney, a newly justice of the peace when he was convicted for stealing commuters. he lost his job, his law license, and quickly suffered financial problems. williams claims the prosecutors tampered with the evidence and he was wrongly convicted. both hasey and mclelland began carrying guns of the trial, and mclegal long thought williams should be have investigated for hasey's murder.
>> eric williams has always been on the radar. we talked to him immediately after mark hasey's death, and also the night of the mclelland shooting. so he has always been on the radar. we have had a very broad spectrum in this investigation. we didn't want to get tunnel vision on anything. >> of course, eric williams' lawyer claims his client had nothing to do with these murders at all. bill? >> any other day this is front page news. what an amazing cycle we are in at the moment. we're just about an hour away from a scheduled fbi news conference on the boston bombings. the request whether the feds will release photos of a suspected person of interest. and we'll talk to a form fbi investigate.
>> break news here in boston. an hour and ten minutes away from the first fbi briefing we have had in two days. at it at the briefing when we'll get the latest information, and certainly you can imagine a flurry of questions from reporters who have gathered near boston as well. bill gaven is with me. bill has been a former assistant director in charge of the fbi in new york. now makes his home here in boston. and by way of telephone, good afternoon to you. we spoke earlier today on america's newsroom and we were talking at that point about what police or the fbi would say the next time they go public. that will happen 5:00 p.m. >> i expect there's an excellent chance they'll divulge the contents of photographs. there's been in consternation on
their part, i suspect. once they identify one of the individuals as a subject, it's a lot easier to release the photograph. if it's a person of interest, you have to be careful about releasing the photograph to the public and that's because this was a very, very emotional issue. you just don't want anybody to take the law into their own hands should they identify that person. so you really -- >> are you saying that -- bill, are you saying, let's be careful about this -- they will name a suspect or could put forward a person or persons of interest? >> i think they'll show person of persons of interest, and if they show those photos, that's probably why they'll do it, to get two mental more eyes on those photographs and hopefully to identify somebody in the photographs. >> you're making the case they should make something public. do i hear you right? >> yes, do. i think maybe at this particular
point in time, unless it's some rope i'm not aware of,bill, i think it's time to bring the public up to date as to what has happened and get the public's help in identifying the individual in photos. we do it in bank robberies and different kinds. this might be helpful. >> you wonder if the people that are looking for could be out of the country or out of the state. that always a possibility. >> always a possibility. >> we can't say whether that's the case or not. >> no, sir, we cannot say if that's the case. they just hope they can identify these people and bring them to justice. if they can identify them, then of course they can go back and follow the track with the name. >> bill, it strikes me that there was enormous pressure on the police and the fbi, all the investigative units working this story to put something out, not just today but yesterday. maybe the day before that. and i just wonder if it suggests a certain amount of discipline
that has been brought to this crime scene, this terrorist act, we have not seen before. how would you reflect on that? >> i think there is a lot of discipline. they have to look at their entire case and say, we are making baby steps, probably, but we have to continue to make these steps. we do not want to take the chance of losing good evidence. and so if they don't have a whole heck of a lot to tell you but they feel they have progress, there's not too much they can really do. they'll go step-by-step. and it's really a discipline. >> i don't mean to cut you off there but the computer is about to cut us off. thank you. i know you'll be watching in an hour. bill gavin, a terrific fbi analyst who has been with us many times. got a break right here. [ male announcer ] dunes, desert, or trail,
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